Bath and the surrounding area already have some great examples of community ownership and we would love to see more!

Community owned assets can be used to deliver vital services and activities to the local community and serve as a space to enable people to turn ideas into practical projects. This brings many benefits, including improved services, increased local employment, restoration of unused buildings, generation of income that can be re-invested locally, greater financial sustainability, independence for community organisations and the empowerment of a local community to better meet local needs.

Community organisations in the UK have taken ownership over physical assets such as buildings, shops, libraries, swimming pools, pubs, entertainment venues, renewable energy generation schemes and green spaces. Check out these examples.

Support for community ownership

Community Shares
The Community Shares Unit supports the growing number of community enterprises that are using Community Share and Bond Issues to raise investment capital from their local supporters.

Locality: ownership and management of assets
Locality is the national membership network for community organisations. As part of their work they help communities own and manage land and buildings.

Community Owned Pubs – a CAMRA guide
A guide to how a local community can take over the ownership of their local pub to join the 100 plus already in existence in the UK.

Community Ownership – Running Your Own Pub – Pub is The Hub
A guide and case studies on community ownership of a local pub.

Plunkett Foundation – Information Hub
Information to help you successfully establish and run a community business.