Who We Are

We believe in a fairer world in which wealth and resources are distributed to the people who need them rather than those best able to take them.

We ask local residents and organisations to join us in re-shaping our local Bath economy so that it reflects the values of co-operation and social need over competition and private greed.


We often hold public meetings, and occasionally run events to promote co-operatives. View our upcoming events below.

Get Co-operating!

  • Not sure where to start? Read our introduction to co-operatives here.
  • Want to find out more? You can find our curated list of co-operative news here.
  • Need resources, like a draft cooperative governing document? View all our resources here.

Cooperatives of the Month

Each month we’ll choose three cooperatives to feature here. Consider giving them a visit! If you have a suggestion for a Cooperative of the Month, please contact us and let us know.