Who We Are

Bath Cooperative Alliance has been formed by local residents who want to shift the balance of our local economy away from competition and private greed, towards cooperation and social need.

We are a non-party political organisation open to anyone who is interested in promoting the following:

Cooperatives in all forms, including housing.

Community ownership of physical assets and services.

Community wealth building to create more inclusive, democratic, sustainable and resilient local communities.


View our Vision Statement

View our Bath Cooperative Alliance Rules of Association

Want to get involved? Contact us

To become a member please complete the Membership application form and return to info@bathcooperatives.org
If you have problem downloading the form email us at this address and we will send you one.

Get Cooperating!

Not sure where to start? Read our introduction to cooperatives here.

Need resources, like a draft cooperative governing document? View all our resources here.