The BCA Housing Group is exploring how we can develop a cooperative approach to local housing provision through, for example, housing co-ops, and Community Land Trusts.

High  property prices mean that people who work in Bath can’t afford to live here.  Many have to travel considerable distances to work, public transport links are poor, public transport is expensive and commuting by car adds to the problems of congestion and poor air quality.

The group has an active thread on the BCA Loomio group where members can exchange ideas.

Contact us if you would like to get involved.

Useful resources

How to set up a Housing Cooperative: Step-by-Step
Guide from Radical Routes.

The Confederation of Cooperative Housing
CCH membership is open to all housing cooperatives, tenant-controlled housing organisations and regional federations of housing co-ops.

Community Land Trusts
Community Land Trusts enable communities to develop and manage homes as well as other assets and to guarantee that they remain affordable for local people. The National Community Land Trusts Network has lots of information on CLTs, including a list of existing ones and how to set a one up.

Marshfield Community Land Trust
A not-for-profit organisation serving the Marshfield community in South Gloucestershire with an initial focus on providing affordable housing for local people.

Somerset Cooperative Community Land Trust
A cooperative society working to address the chronic shortage of affordable sustainable housing in Somerset, at the same time as creating incubators for new and growing community enterprises.