The Co-operative Group is one of the world’s largest consumer co-operatives, with over four million members, 70,000 employees and 2500 local convenience and medium sized stores. It is also the largest funeral director in the United Kingdom, is a major general insurer through CIS and has a growing legal services business. The headquarters are in Manchester and developed as a merger between the Co-operative Wholesale Society and independent Co-operative retail societies, which can be traced back to the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society established in 1844. Find out more

Three Consumer Co-operative Societies operate in the Bath and North East Somerset and North and West Wiltshire areas. These are The Co-operative Group, Southern Co-operatives and the Radstock Co-operative Society.

All Co-ops operate to the same values and principles and interpret them in different ways.

The Co-op Group is recognised for its strong commitment to its social goals and community-led programmes. It has a large team of Member Pioneers who work in local communities to help realise the social objectives. Contact your local Member Pioneer

There are around fifteen convenience and small stores in the Bath and North East Somerset and North and West Wiltshire as well as a number of funeral homes.  For location details, services available and opening hours please visit the Store Finder

Become a member of the Co-op Group and gain from member benefits, help support your local community and have your chance to play a part in the democracy.