To help us achieve all we have set out to achieve in our Vision Statement we need people and funds!

Ideally, we would like you to be a member and pay subs (see below). Why?

  • It provides us with money to do good things!
  • You get a chance to vote on what things we do.
  • It demonstrates your commitment to what we stand for and that boosts everyone involved.

However, it may be that you want to try things out before you commit yourself. In this case you are welcome to get involved before signing up as a member, input your ideas and network with others.

And, if after doing this, you think it is worth it – please join as a member and help us to build co-operation.

Join as a member

You can join BCA for £2 per month (waged) or £1 per month (unwaged/low paid).
You are also welcome to pay more to support us if you can!

As a member you will:

  • Get access to our online Loomio group where you can connect with others and create your own discussion threads.
  • Be able to suggest your own ideas/projects, set up working groups (see below) and seek support from other members.
  • Generally, help build the momentum around a more cooperative and community owned future.

To become a member please complete the Membership-application-form (March 2021) and return to
If you have problem downloading the form email us at this address and we will send you one.

Get involved in working groups

To plan specific areas of work we set up working groups. Currently we have the following working groups:

Any member can suggest a new working group, which needs a minimum of three members to request recognition from the trustees.